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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Connecting to a remote Black Toolkit through X11 and SSH

 The black toolkit has some advantages, in being centered in a X11-forwarded SSH server, above others editors:

  • It is faster compared to most of editors, consuming less resources.
  • It runs on Linux.
  • SSH is open source.

To connect the black toolkit in a Linux server you need:
  1. Install Black Toolkit in the Linux server.
  2. Turn on SSH server, if it is not already enabled.
  3. Enable X11 forwarding in SSH server (X11Forwarding yes), on /etc/ssh/shhd_config, and restart SSH.

Now, in the client side, it depends of the operating system:

On Windows, you need to install XMing for access SSH.

  1. Activate XMing service
  2. Configure XLaunch to call blacktoolkit, instead of Xterm, and call the software.

Running Black Toolkit (from a Linux server) on Windows XP

For Linux client is a bit simple, just install SSH-client (already comes with) package and do:
$ ssh -p <port> <-X or -Y> <-C> user@server blacktoolkit

You can use it in cell phones, like Android:

  1. Install ConnectBot and QVD.
  2. Start QVD service.
  3. Start ConnectBot and configure connection.
  4. Remember to do a port forward of the port 6000 for ConnectBot.
  5. Connect with ConnectBot and call the program you want, or blacktoolkit.
  6. Now see the QVD window. 
  7. The Xvncpro home page contains the documentation for double-clicks, right-clicks, etc.

I hope had helped everyone.

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