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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Black Toolkit 1.4 is almost ready for release

The Black Toolkit 1.4 will come with new improvements like the support for MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 with native drivers (non ODBC).
I've tested it also with MariaDB and it works, thanks for the new versions of Lazarus and SQLDb!

A new old icon of the app, from is back! The new one always had drawing problems on Windows platform. Sorry!

This is an Hybrid version in development.

We 'll spend next days fighting against bad behaviours of the past versions. Like saving a PHP Visual RAD Form, now it automatically closes the code popup window for the programmer go the navigator easily.

The SQL Client now remembers the last 20 connections made before.

The DAO Generator will have better compatibility with more than one DB vendor, because it will generate a method getGenerator() for getting the SQL for the generator (or sequence) for the table. You just need to override this method for each subclass to get the generator for the table in a encapsulated way with genID().

A sequence in Oracle is called this way:
select the_seq.nextval from dual
A generator  in Firebird is called this way:
select gen_id(the_gen, 1) from rdb$database