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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Black Toolkit is no more Beta

Because the proven stability trought these 1.5 years, The Black Toolkit has lost its Beta flag in yesterday and changed it to Production/Stable.

Next and more advanced versions maybe will receive also a Mature flag, but there´s some work  to do.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to use JBoss with The Black Toolkit without deploys

  1. With The Black Toolkit, go Configuration->Java, find and add the JSP jars to the classpath: jsp-api.jar and servlet-api.jar. They can be at JBOSS_HOME/lib, but depends of the version of JBoss.
  2. Start a new JSP project, and save it in JBOSS_HOME/<deploy_folder>/<your_project_name>.war. The folder name must finish with .war.
  3. You must change some configuration details for autodeploy. This configuration changes every version of JBoss. So check 
  4. For JBoss 7 (and latest 6),you must create a empty file <your_project_name>.dodeploy in JBOSS_HOME/<deploy_folder>.
  5.  Do not use 7.1.1.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to use Apache Tomcat with The Black Toolkit without deploys

  1. Stop Apache Tomcat.
  2. Edit conf/context.xml and define <Context> to  <Context reloadable="true"> just for Tomcat reload your classes automatically when compiling a .JAVA.
  3. Do NOT use Step 2 with production systems.
  4. Start Apache Tomcat.
  5. With The Black Toolkit, go Configuration->Java and add the JSP jars to the classpath: TOMCAT_HOME/lib/jsp-api.jar and TOMCAT_HOME/lib/servlet-api.jar.
  6. Start a new JSP project, and save it in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/<your_project_name>.
  7. Go to WEB-INF/vform and index.vform, change and save it, you can see it in the Browser.
  8. Go to WEB-INF/classes, create, modify, compile classes. And note: No deploys!!

Installing SQL client libraries for Black Toolkit´s CRUD importer

You ´ll need to install the client libraries (OCI) for C.

You ´ll need to install the either ODBC driver or Firebird Server itself.

Dirty, but works. You 'll need to download the ODBC driver (DLL, 32bits) which contains also the libpq.dll. Unpack those into Black Toolkit´s directory and it will work.

The same for PostgreSQL, but with the Windows binary.

OK, The Black Toolkit is  made in Lazarus and has SQLdb' s limitations. ZeosBDO has its also.
The client library cannot be newer than version 5.1.You will need to use ODBC to avoid problems. The ODBC driver connects and extracts CRUDs without problems. But cannot see the table names and field types automatically, because of information schema.
For Linux you need to install UnixODBC and it will work the same.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Black Toolkit 1.0.9 is released!

The Black Toolkit is released today with some new features:
  • RAD support to HTML5 elements.
  • Java Swing RAD Editor updated to 7.