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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Black Toolkit 1.6 will be released on February, 2016

The Black Toolkit 1.6 will be  released containing some bugfixes on the PHP and Java syntax checker, and more improvements.

The generated AJAX/CSS/Javascript routines will now use a library we call BlackJS. The web projects will provide it for custom web components. Feel free to modify its CSS/Javascript definitions if you want to.

BlackJS 's license is very flexible: you can use it, modify it or not, and sell it in your projects without fees.

Visual RAD Editor:
It will have some improvements:
  • Supporting a new  Tab Control display control (making much better the behaviour of Java Swing's JTabbedPane component).
  • Fixed a Web Document's bug on v_align=center and h_align=center. Now a Javascript function will put the object on the top/left if it does not fit on the browser. The object will appear on the correct v_align/h_align position on the Editor, also.
  • Web Documents will have some new Components: Tab Controls, XML Autocompletors, CSS Menus. These will be using BlackJS.