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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What is The Black Toolkit?

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The Black Toolkit is an RAD IDE for development of web JSP, PHP, ASP or static HTML pages. It was created initially by Raphael Vinícius Corrêa.

The tool is totally free, the interface supports drag and drop HTML components, and generating a very fast code, with no additional softwares layers or libraries, but you can put libraries, like jQuery. The generated code works with all browsers.

What it supports?

  • Visual programming, in PHP, JSP, ASP and Java Swing.
  • Visual event-driven programming.
  • Works in all browsers
  • Online help access.
  • Integrated programming and debugger for Java and C++.
  • Support for MingGW, GCC and Winegcc compilers for C++
  • Built-in AJAX support.
  • PHP-PDO and JDBC db support.
  • Bult-in SQL Client.

The project was made with these main goals:

  • To be a fast IDE, running even in old hardwares.
  • Support visual programming, in many programming languages.
  • Run in most Operating Systems.
  • Be more extensible as possible.
  • Support free tecnologies.
  • And of course, give the maximum of productivity.

The downloads include:
  • The installers for 32 and 64 bits Windows.
  • The .rpm and .deb packages for Linux (need GTK+2).
  • A portable version, you can put it in an USB stick to run in any PC. It loses nothing for the installer versions.

The system is in in the URL:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Omega Base 1.0.1 is released

Omega Base 1.0.1 is relased with new features:

  • The file indexer now supports FreeMind (.mm) and Dia (.dia) Charts also.
  • The PDF indexer now uses PDFBox library instead of iText. Less bugs. 
  • Some bugs fixed.
Omega Base has focus on speed and security, made in JSP and PostgreSQL. It uses just open source components.
Can be used since as your own cloud, in a home computer, or even in a big and concurrent enterprise network.